what is it besides money that brings the most famous pornstars to live entertainment?



That is a very good question and we have touched base with you all about this several times in the past, however every single time that I get the opportunity to talk with the girls and in this case with Pornstar Cherie DeVille but also someone else extremely famous by the name of Pornstar Dana Vespoli and they both confirmed it is more about the excitement rather than the cash thrown at their feet.

Apparently 95%s of the porntars enjoys getting fucked on live WebCam because knowing that there are tens of thousands if not even hundreds of thousands of people sitting down and watching is a turn on and most of all the fact that they can actually interact with their fans and viewers most probably the best turn on of all.

So basically it makes perfect sense why even the most popular and most famous and of course the most loved Pornstars all wants to be a part of the network that is broadcasting Live porn shows every day of the week and that of course is only one network that you most probably all know by now who and what it is.

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