Pornstars: the 11th most searched words on Google 2016


I’m really not surprised taking in consideration that porn is 22.5% of all search terms on the Internet, so I investigated a little bit more and check out Google-Trends, anyone that has a website and is looking into optimization should definitely look into what I just mentioned, however, I noticed that in the top 25 in one another search term called Live Pornstars and that is how I actually realized why became so popular in such a short time period, simply because it offers just that and it happens to be the only website on the internets today that actually does offer that in exclusive.


I can actually throw one pretty big name at you and that would be the one off Pornstar Kylie Kalvetti , she’s the girl featured in the photograph right here on top, she is one of those models on the rise, believe it or not if you search for her on Google you will find quite a lot, she is the 1620th most searched term this week on Google and it seemed the same on, that’s because she had just come out with several new features DVDs and also and most of all, she is starring in many of the live porn shows right here on our network.

We do have however a comprehensive list of Pornstars that perform in live porn videos, be my guess and check them out for yourself, if you have roughly 8 to 12 hours of free time you can actually check them all out LOL.

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