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This is something that we have posted about on different blogs and adult entertainment forums, however from what I can see I still have to mention it on this official blog. Therefore I like to introduce you to the new baby of the Cherry Pimps network that would be an incredible website called CherrySpot.com.

Now why is it incredible? First of all it has the same video and audio technology that is beyond 10 years ahead than any other WebCam site that offers the equivalent product. However when I do say the same product I mean as WebCams, because besides that the competition doesn’t come even close. They don’t have the famous pornstars, so why would I even continue telling you about the competition, when I can tell you that this brand-new website doesn’t offer you live porn, but it offers you live pornstars in solo shows, in other words they masturbate they finger themselves and they have multiple orgasms right there in front your eyes on WebCam.

cherryspot pornstars masturbating
The most amazing thing is that most of these solo and masturbation Pornstars shows last an average of two hours, I really don’t even know how a woman can go that long but I’ve sat down and watched two of the shows I can guarantee you that’s exactly how it is.

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