Hot Pornstar Aaliyah Love: How did she end up being a Adult Super Model?


How did Hot Pornstar Aaliyah Love start in porn? A mystery as she has never claimed in any of the hundreds of interviews that she has release in these three years as being top of the stars, she has avoided the question, however I will have the opportunity to be the first to interview her where she will actually answer that question.

I have asked dozens and dozens of pornstars that question and many of them if not nearly all of them never had the problem, some were maybe a little offset when I actually asked the question but I finally got an answer. Why did she not like to talk about how she ended up in the adult entertainment business, our question will be answered within the next few days where I will have the honor and opportunity to sit down and sink a few beers with her, I have been told she likes margaritas LOL, anyhow we will sit down and have a few drinks and there I will conduct an interview that I will then post on all my blogs, forums and news pages once that I have got it all together.

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