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Because yesterday the show was canceled, unfortunately the porn model that was supposed to be here had a car accident, 25 miles away from the studios, however the most important thing she wasn’t hurt in any way even if she kind of totaled her new Mercedes. However to pay you all back we’re going to give you a double treat, so there will be the regular show starring Pornstar Cherie Deville Fucking Live at 5 PM PST, before that at 12 noon Pacific there will be another famous pornstar getting fucked hard in our studio and of course it will be broadcasted and streamed live all over the Internet via our website.

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I’m not going to tell you who she is, all I can say is that she has been recently featured on Hustler magazine, she has been present on Playboy several times and she is considered one of the most popular porn models in activity today, and that is how it treats to all our members. In the case that you are not a member, if you have not joined our community yet and you are not having access to our network and therefore you’re missing out on everything that we have to offer and not only the live porn shows. Well your time is now, come on in and spend two dollars on checking out one show and from there you’ll understand that this is definitely something that you can’t possibly renounce to, this is something that you absolutely have to have and by spending less than a dollar a day you’ll get all this and I’m talking about 16 individual and exclusive websites to which offer live porn every day.

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