Apparently it is the best week this network ever had!


First of all I had the opportunity this week to actually go to the studio and meet some of these incredibly Hot Pornstars starring in the live porn videos most probably most of you if not all of everyone reading actually got to see. While I was there yesterday evening I actually got to talk to one of the server administrators, where he whispered to me that this was the best week this network ever when it comes down to visits during their live shows!

Basically even before the Friday statistics are in, they have already beaten every possible record in a day in advance. They must be one very specific reason why the Live Porn Videos network is so popular, and is growing out of all proportions, it’s a bit like the blob, once it starts growing it will never stop!

One on the editors in charge all organizing the live shows told me over lunch next week is going to be even better, they have invited the most popular Pornstars known on the web, unfortunately I can’t give you any names but when I was told a few names my jaw literally hit the table.

hottest pornstars

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