What if there were no Wildoncam.com?


That happens to be a perfectly legitimate question, what would the adult entertainment slice on the World Wide Web be without Wildoncam.com? Basically what would it be if nobody had yet introduced famous porn models sucking and fucking cock live on WebCam. Basically we would still be in the 90s, where all these amateur women from their home would be slamming their pussies with big dildos and offering men and women alike a mediocre show for an outrageous price.

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The clever thing that they did when they walk on the porn models and had then take over the show was too inshore that they had exclusive rights on each and every single one of the pornstars that they were hiring in order that nobody else could take them and have them do the same thing on another network. Basically that’s what they’ve done and have been doing since they opened, one would think however by doing this and having the whole monopoly in hand that they would force members to pay outrageous prices to see the gorgeous pornstars getting fucked live on WebCam. That is not the case, as you can see members pay less than a dollar a day to see all the unlimited live porn that they could possibly take.

So if you’re asking why there is only one network that provides this service, now basically you know why, that’s why every time you surf the Internet and search specifically for live pornstars, you know now why all search results lead to one network, most of them leads to this very specific websites.

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