New Pornstar on the block… Veronica Rodriguez!!


I always enjoy when there is someone new coming in to do aLive Porn Video on the network. Now don’t take me wrong, Veronica is not new to porn, she has done at least two dozen extremely successful porn videos and all you have to do to see them is go on Google or on any other search engine and punch in her name and you’ll get a whole lot of her videos showing up on the first three pages.

veronica pornstar

If this Pornstars, will be anything even close to as good as she is when starring in her traditional porn videos, then I’m ready to guess that we are all in for an incredible two hours of live porn starring this gorgeous and on the rise porn star.

5 PM Pacific time, if you’re living on the East Coast that would be 8 PM and for everybody in central Europe, that includes the United Kingdom and France show will be starting at midnight, I know it is a little late you Europeans, but staying up to watch this incredible show is well worth it.

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