Jessica Ryan and Holly Heart is Monday, 7 March appointment, one of our shows that you will remember for the rest of your life


Most of you may be saying yeah yeah yeah, but I can guarantee you that these two Hot Pornstars already do a lot, a lot more than you think, they going to share a big cock and once they are done with that big cock they going to call on another big cock and fuck that other big cock as well, it’s going to be a two hour long live porn show that will knock your socks off!!

Take it serious consideration that Holly is doing her own productions right, she is her own boss and has a studio where other pornstars male and female alike go to and create porn videos that are then burned onto DVDs and they sell hundreds of thousands of, so not only is she a gorgeous and the woman, not only is she a filthy minded whore, she’s balls deep inside the adult entertainment industry, is making so much money that she had no me to come here and do a live porn show, the only reason why she’s doing it because she loves doing it, so that right there is an open invitation for everybody.

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I spoke to Jessica Ryan about an hour ago over the phone, he also said that she is very excited to share these two hours and to share that big cock with such a good friend and popular pornstar like Holly.

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