How long is a Pornstars career in general? Is a question that I get very often.

So I have put a few numbers together, after checking out roughly 120 different schedules and personal bios of the hundreds of porn models that were for this network, and I noticed that the average age of the model starting in porn is 22 years old, however 22% to start at 18 years old while another 23% start in their 30s but the average is 22 years of age.

What is the average career length of a popular pornstar? That will be 11 years, that all some of the girls that are in the business have been for over two decades, there are some that retire a lot earlier, 27% of the girls stay in porn only for three years 21% stay for over 15.


How much does an average pornstar make in their career? Well in this case the numbers vary a lot, you have girls that make $5000 per video, and in most cases the girls make at least a dozen videos among, so yes then making a fun of cash, some of the most popular overall star in maybe two videos per month and that pulling $50,000, so you can imagine how much they are making her movie!

Where are the majority of porn models located? It seems hard to believe but this is an extremely common questions! The is nearly all of them are from Los Angeles California, or at least they are living now in LA. However there is another Of porn and it is in across the ocean in Europe, to be more precise it is pride in the Czech Republic where there are roughly 1200 registered pornstars, but they are another 261 registered porn model in London in the United Kingdom not to mention the over 300 in Paris and even in Israel there are over 150 professional pornstars.